Thursday, October 7, 2010

Walgreens Store Info and Tips

Hello everyone!!!

Today's is a lesson all about Walgreen's.  Its really not hard to learn once you start doing it.  When you start checking out other coupon bloggers you will realize there is a special lingo us couponers talk.  If your not familiar with it you will be lost.  So here is a quick lesson. 

Walgreen's:  I think everyone has a Walgreen's around them.  They can be a little tricky when it comes to couponing with them.  They have what is called Register Rewards or RR.  These coupons will print out after you checkout from the Catalina machine. The Catalina is just the little machine that prints out the coupons. Please ask the cashier if there Catalina is working before purchasing any items. (That is such a drag to have to return everything and go to another Walgreen's)

If an item says you receive $3 RR ....You must spend $3 not $2.99 cause your RR will not print.  Also check the price on the screen cause sometimes there is an unadvertised sale or just rings up a different amount than you planned. 

Another IMPORTANT TIP  If you go and purchase Schick razors and you receive $4RR you cannot go back and purchase more Schick razors and use the same RR cause your your next $4RR will not print. If you have a RR from Loreal and try and buy a different item from Loreal your RR will not print out even though its a different product. Are you getting it so far? Make sure the RR you use is not from the same manufacture cause it will not print out your RR.

You will want to stack your coupons to get better deals on items.  You can use a Walgreen's coupon and a manufacture coupon for the same item.  For example:  The toothbrush is on sale for $1.00 and you get a $.50RR There is a store coupon for $.50 and a manufactures coupon for $.50 so its free...but wait its actually a Money Maker cause a coupon will print your RR for 50 cents so you just walked out of the store with a free toothbrush and they gave you 50 cents for your next visit....SWEET ISN'T IT!!!

Another important tip is you have to have an item for every manufactures coupon you use ( a RR is a manufacturers coupon).  That is when the fillers come in.  A filler is a very cheap item you can find in the store like a candy or something just so you can use another coupon. Remember its just for manufacture coupons not store coupons.  If your using a store coupon, once they scan the coupon it will automatically take off for every item that the coupon is for.

If your buying more than 1 item that has RR, you will have to do separate checkouts cause only 1 RR will print. ( I usually checkout at the cosmetic cashier cause you don't have the long line of people staring at you when you have to do 4 or 5 different transactions.) 

If you know your going to have overages you will want to give the cashier your manufacture coupons first then your store coupons so you can get that extra money to go towards other items you buy.

You want to keep an eye out for clearance items cause you can score some sweet deals. Before going shopping print out there coupon policy and keep it handy just in case you get a new cashier that is not familiar with their coupon policy. One thing you will learn from couponing is being prepared pays off.

If you should ever have a problem with a cashier then ask to speak with her manager if the problem still isn't fixed ( record the name of manager, date and time of incident) and call Customer Service at 1-800 Walgreen's.

Now that you have the basics....Let's go shopping!! 

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