Friday, October 22, 2010

What to do ....Where to go...for Halloween?

This is for all my Orlando followers. There are many places to go this Halloween and I am going to tell you all the places I found.

Bass Pro Shop (in the Festival Bay shopping area) is having quite a few things going on.
1. Pumpkin Mask (Craft)
    Oct 22  5-7pm and Oct 23 & 24  2-4 pm

2. Peanuts Trick or Treat Bag
   Oct 29   4-6pm

3. Pumpkin Bird House
    Oct 30 - 31   2 -4pm

4. Free Photo download with you and the great pumkin / Free peanuts themed coloring sheets

5.Trick or Treating
   Oct 22 & 29   4-8 pm

6. Costume Parade
    Oct 29  6 -7pm

7.  Marshmallow roast and apple dessert ( free samples)
   Oct 23, 24, 30 & 31

Lake Nona YMCA is having Trick or Treat Activities (free) 5-7pm on Oct 28

Waterford Lakes Town Center is having Trick or Treat activities 5 -7pm on Oct 30th

Moss Park Elementary School is having Trick or Treats 6 -9pm.  The church is providing all the activities. They said they will have 500 lbs worth of candy to hand that is a ton of candy!  I guess the dentist will be in full bloom

You also have the parks (if you have a season pass) We did Sea World last year and the boys just loved it.

If there are other places that you know of please leave a comment so we can pick and choose.

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