Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Helping Others Save and Making Friends Along The Way!!
I know this is not a deal but I wanted to share with all of you that my Publix shopping trip today was really nice.  

I saw a gentlemen in front of me loading his groceries on the belt and realized he had Scotch Tape ( which is on sale BOGO $ is the last day) but of course no coupons in hand. As a coupon queen that I am I had to say to him " You know those are BOGO for $2.19 but you don't have to pay that price you can pay $.19 cents for both with a coupon" he smiles and says "my wife has tons of coupons at home" ( I smile inside..Yea another family saving) I say "great but I don't want you to pay full price and RUN across the store and grab 2 booklets for him. The smile on his face was all the Thanks I needed!! 

As it was my turn to pay ( and hold up the line while they ring up my coupons :) there was a young lady behind me that walked up to me while I was getting a FREE cup of coffee. Come to find out she coupons and she wanted to find a blog that post deals close to her area...I told her some deals that she can snag up and we exchanged info. She grabbed 2 Sunday newspapers too :) So I just want to shout her out and say HELLO NICOLLE!!

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