Tuesday, January 7, 2014

How To Prevent Bikini Razor Bumps

I am sure all of us ladies have experienced razor bumps from shaving before! First, it can be very uncomfortable.  Second, it just looks plain nasty and Third, you can get self conscious in the summer time when you want to go to the pool or beach.

There are 4 simple steps to prevent razor bumps from forming.

1. Always shave with a shaving gel! Try and get one that is moisturizing Ex: Skintimate

2. Use a brand new 4 blade razor. This has a closer shave then the other ones with less blades. I love using men razors. I prefer them because they are small and can get into smaller areas like the bikini area

3. After you shave, rinse off with cold water.  Using cold water will close your pores

4. Lastly, you want to apply deodorant to the bikini area. YES, I said deodorant! You want to use a solid deodorant. Ex: Dove is a good one

Do not use a gel type deodorant!! 

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