Friday, December 10, 2010

Earn Extra SwagbucksToday!!!

I am not sure if I really broke down what Swagbucks is. I know I told you guys that I LOVE Swagbucks and there is a link on the right side of my blog.

Here is the reason why I think you should use swagbucks!!

Do you search?...Yes! We all do everyday, if your like me all day and night :) some of use Google or bing but they don't pay you. Swagbucks pays you with points just for searching the web. Then you can redeem those points for tons of stuff. I personally like the gift cards. 

My favorite gift cards to get are from Amazon ( I am always posting good deals) and Target. I really doesn't take much effort. Once you start using Swagbucks the points will add up. I got 50 Swagbucks last month on my birthday...WooHoo!!

A very easy way to earn some points is to use the Swagbucks toolbar instead of Google. Whenever I need to search anything I use it. 

Friday is Mega Swagbucks Day! You can earn anywhere from 50-1000 Swagbucks in one search.

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