Thursday, December 9, 2010

Store Matchups Coming Tomorrow!!,1251565567,1/stock-vector-vector-girl-with-laptop-36115858.jpg
Hey guys!!  That is suppose to be me except I have jet black hair :) 

I was on a wonderful school trip with my little one today but at the same time it was a crazy day.  The trip was fun but half way through my sons school calls to tell me he sprung his ankle during P.E. and he needed to be picked up. UGH.. hello that cannot happen I am on a field trip! Then when we are leaving the school bus breaks down....OMG! I couldn't even get my daughter from school on time.
At this point I just wanted to come home and rot on my bed with FrugalCityGirl and all my wonderful readers :o)

I forgot to get the Wednesday newspaper ( which has all my local supermarket fliers) so I can do the Supermarket matchups for today. (1st day of new sales) 

Please don't go shopping without having your deals and!  

I will have them up tomorrow.  I just have to run from store to store now...Grr...I hate when I forget cause it's just so much more work.

I will get up the Pathmark matchups tonight if not then tomorrow with all the other list.  I will probably start them tonight because I find the deals online! 

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